Entry #1

Chao Adventures

2008-06-27 20:27:34 by Pikachuprower

Lol I'll be making more in the future if you guys want me to I just made a short one cause it was my first time now I basically know what to do and I look forward to you guys watching it ^^!

Chao Adventures


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2008-06-30 19:42:01

hi there!!!

Pikachuprower responds:



2008-07-02 14:42:53

u smell like pikachu

Pikachuprower responds:



2008-09-07 22:40:10

You have a cute animal up there. Or is that a Pokemon you made up?
By the looks of it, You like Pokemon and a fan Sonic if Im correct.

Anyways all I want to say its very cute and good luck with making more.


Pikachuprower responds:

Thank you and uh yeah I made the chao picture mah self ^^ Note: Im 15 but I still like having fun like this once in a while D: I'm still workin on a new one I just barely got teh intro finished >.< which is only like 10 secs. Man D:


2008-10-08 23:57:57

well it looks like im not the only one hoping to give chao a storyline.
keep at it!

Pikachuprower responds:

ty :D I am workin on it I thought it might be a twist.


2008-11-26 12:53:55

Chaos r so fun to play with in: Sonic adventure 2 battle.

Pikachuprower responds:

mhmm Thats the point of this Flash